SQMI Objectives

Objective 1: Identify economic, social, and psychological factors affecting limited adoption of practices known to control mastitis, and develop strategies to counter the rationale for non-adoption. This knowledge will lead to more effective strategies to facilitate adoption of practices for enhancing milk quality.

Objective 2: Conduct applied research and on-farm demonstrations focusing on implementation of strategies for controlling mastitis and enhancing milk quality (National Mastitis Council, 2006) and work directly with producers to assess on-farm practices. The program’s applied research-based and demonstration farm information will be packaged for educational and outreach delivery to stakeholders including producers, veterinary practitioners, university students, extension personnel, and other agri-industries serving the dairy community.

Objective 3: Develop print, face-to-face, and electronic delivery tools (including DAIReXNET webinars and Spanish translations) to train dairy producers and milkers to utilize current and newly developed tools to make on-farm decisions that improve milk quality.

Objective 4: Develop continuing education programs to create the human resources needed to serve the dairy industry by targeting practicing veterinarians and personnel serving the industry to provide immediate help, and undergraduate/graduate students to provide long-term solutions. Continuing education courses taught using traditional venues and provided through DAIReXNET webinars and directed internships will provide real-world experiences on milk quality, and result in a more knowledgeable work force to promote the sustainability of the SE dairy industry.