The researchers leading this project have been actively engaged in the fields of dairy and animal science for many years.  As a result, they have affiliations with various universities and extension programs through the very work that brought them to the Southeast Quality Milk Initiative. Valuable tools and resources have been developed with those affiliates along the way and if included here can be identified via their logos and/or insignia. Those developed in conjunction with this project will be denoted by the SQMI logo.  SQMI-logo-small

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For more articles on controlling mastitis, reducing SCC, and improving milk quality, check out the SQMI Quarterly Newsletters.

Additionally, we host annual meetings held in a different location each year, working with the local land-grant university affiliate and extension groups to increase the accessibility of our work.  No public meeting was held the first year, but the 2014 (Virginia), 2015 (Kentucky), 2016 (Georgia), and 2017 (Tennesee) short-course and workshop materials are available to the public.